Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earth Day: Going Green A Little At A Time

Every little bit we do can for our Earth is helping. Whether you went out in your yard and pulled a few weeds to make your yard more friendly or picked up trash on the busiest highway near you. I looked for something I could make that the Earth and I could both benefit from. I searched and searched for a project and thought I found the one perfect for me.

As a stay at home mother, I find myself cleaning A LOT of messes. Not only is my little girl a crawling, eating and pooping machine, she is a messy grocery eater. Juice tumbles over and spills on the floor or cookies covered with slobber make way to her hands to smear on the floor, I am constantly reaching for my Swiffer. Swiffer pads get quite expensive after constantly replacing them. They never seem to last as long as I want them to or they start to smell. Plus they are disposable so I know that I have maybe filled two landfills with Swiffer pads ;) only joking but I sure do feel like I have gone through some!

I came across a pattern for REUSABLE & WASHABLE Swiffer pads. I was so excited and made one right away. Before I made more, I had to make sure that it would work well with my Swiffer. I have encountered a set back but plan to tweak the pattern for myself. My Swiffer sprays right on the front and part of the crocheted part covers it. I am able to still use the spray but it more or less soaks the front of the pad and is easily used to spread on the floor. The bottom of the pad has a basket weave feel to it so it is wonderful for scrubbing when you need it. The pattern can be found at:


I will be making more and for those that don't know how to crochet or if you are wanting just make them a gift and buy a few at a time, I will be selling them on my facebook page. Thank you for following along with my blog. Feel free to post pictures if you make some! I love to see everyone's work!